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Remarkable Packaging

Your Brand, Our Products!

Put your brand figuratively in your consumers’ hands. For businesses, custom-branded packaging is a potent and affordable marketing tool. You may increase brand recognition and set your business apart from the competition by using custom-branded packaging.

Utilize the chance to expand and improve your company by customising an Ecoware product when minimum purchase quantities are met.

You Are in the Right Place

We make every effort to make the procedure as smooth and straightforward as we can. As part of your custom branded packaging, we provide the following services in order to achieve this.

Free of Charge

Our creative team will create and build your custom-branded product.

One Time Cost

Only a one-time fee for putting up your print plates, which are utilised to print your design on our product.

Distribution and Warehousing

In order to guarantee that we deliver the most effective and efficient freight services possible, we decide to store your merchandise in our warehouse when it is required.

Payment Options

To best fit your business, we provide a variety of payment options; we will adjust as necessary.

Stock Management

And last but not least, we offer a full stock management service to make sure you never run out of your custom-branded packaging.

Still Counting

Printing Procedures

Depending on order amounts, we employ one of two printing techniques when we work with you to personalise your packaging requirements. Here is a brief explanation of the printing techniques we employ at our production facilities:

Offet Printing

Off-set printing, referred to as off-set lithography is one of the most common methods of printing in today’s modern age. This printing method is used on production runs in excess of 50,000 units, where we are required to print a detailed image using a large number of colours. Each unit is individually printed one by one using thin and flexible aluminium plates.

Flexo Printing

Flexo printing, referred to as Flexography printing, is used for the majority of our production orders and uses Pantone spot colour. As opposed to printing each individual unit one by one, Flexo printing uses a flexible relief plate that enables a continuous production line and will print the full job without stopping

*After product design has been confirmed.
Product MOQ Lead Time
Hot Paper Cup 30,000 pcs 12-16 weeks
Kraft Cup Sleeve 10,000 pcs 5-7 weeks
Cup Carrier 50,000 pcs 8-10 weeks
CPLA Cutlery 10,000 pcs 7-9 weeks
CPLA Straw 10,000 pcs 7-9 weeks
Clear Bowl 20,000 pcs 4-9 weeks
Clear Cup 20,000 pcs 4-9 weeks
Paper Bowl 30,000 pcs 8-10 weeks
Napkin 10,000 pcs 6-8 weeks
Kraft Tableware 30,000 pcs 8-9 weeks
Kraft Handle Bag 30,000 pcs 5-7 weeks
Wet Wipes 10,000 pcs 8-10 weeks
Paper Salad Bowl 50,000 pcs 8-10 weeks
Paper Soup Bowl 50,000 pcs 7-9 weeks
Paper Soup Tub 50,000 pcs 8-10 weeks
Ice Cream Cup 10,000 pcs 8-10 weeks
Ice Cream Spoon 50,000 pcs 8-10 weeks
Fast Food Packaging 10,000 pcs 8-10 weeks
Sugarcane/Bamboo Tableware 10,000 pcs 4-10 weeks
T Shirt/Fruit Bags & Bin Liners 20,000 pcs 5-8 weeks

Design & Templates

Our professional design team will collaborate closely with you to create and build your own own customised items. Sending us your logos and brand standards is all we ask; we’ll take care of the rest. Here are some examples that we use to make your packaging come to life:

Colour Options

We will discuss the printing colour scheme we’ll employ with you before we start manufacturing your packaging. The two printing methods we employ are described below:

Spot Colour

If up to 6 colours can be clearly defined within your finished artwork templates, and or colour accuracy is critical we will use a spot colour print.


When a job requires so many colours that using individual spot inks would be impractical- for example a detailed photo combination of the 4 standard process inks are used: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black (CMYK)